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Forex Trading Career – Pros and Cons

Forex Trading Career – Pros and Cons

Foreign exchange is possible throughout the day and night due to its global nature. The convenience that comes from working from home and being your boss is excellent and not easy. It’s hard to learn how to properly trade currency pairs, and it’s even more difficult to get to earn on a regular basis.
Due to the complexity of the Forex, it’s advisable to go through several investment courses and read numerous books to prepare for trading. If you can’t handle few months of learning, then start trading binary options. Use Millionaire Blueprint or similar software, and you won’t have to spend even a day in education, and you will still make money. It’s not as simple as that, but you can’t compare the complexity of these two exchange markets.
Forex has its Pros and Cons, and they should be the factors that will either attract or repel you from trading currency pairs.

Pros of the foreign exchange

The Forex isn’t a centralized market, and thus there are no regulators. A central bank will interfere, but the chances of that happening are very small. This lack of regulation prevents surprises from ruining trades.
The size of the Forex translates into a high liquidity. Even the largest deals have little to no impact on the currency values. Due to that there is no possibility of the price manipulation and it gives the traders the ability to trade with tight spreads.Forex has the lowest trading costs out of all exchanges. Forex brokers earn their share through spreads between currencies and thus there are no additional fees. Other markets are different, and trader has to pay various fees, from trade fees to other brokerage charges.

Cons of the Forex

High leverage means high risk and a day of casual Forex trading can turn into a nightmare without an end. The very nature of the Forex forces the people to use leverage due to low-profit margins. Trade in which you risk 100 dollars to earn 50 bucks is far from being worth the risk. Enter the same trade with 10 dollars, with the leverage of 10:1, and you will be able to earn the same amount of money far inferior investment. Do remember that leverage works in both ways and you will risk more than just your investment.
This market isn’t transparent, and that is mainly caused by the lack of regulation. Whenever you enter a trade, you are trading against professionals, and that increases the risk. The broker may give incomplete data about a currency pair, or they may give the wrong price, and a trader can’t do anything to prevent that. Things could be easier using robots you can explore at Top 7 Binary Robots.
Other markets have advisors, and other forms of help and Forex has none of that. When you enter the Forex, you are on your own. There won’t be anyone who will offer some advice on how to trade and when. Trading on the foreign exchange is all about trial and error, so start with small trades and limit your losses until you learn enough to earn some money.

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